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VR3-D began as a virtual modelling company assisting architects, engineers, developers & designers for whom to provide a three-dimensional modelling service using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The service was supposed to enable our clients to better understand space flows, design concepts and how materials would work together, realistically.


Not only was that achieved - with a higher standard of design and satisfaction seen all round - the designers themselves were allowed to refine their designs, well before their clients saw the draft.


Our 3D models revealed to them, better than 2D sketches and plans, what their designs would really look like.


Ricki Fritz
BIM & Design Manager
Design Coach

As a result of this symbiosis of relationships, a loyal client base and an impressive portfolio have emerged. VR3D is now ready to take on and serve those with tougher and more dynamic needs.


With the same attention to detail and reliable service on tight-knit schedules, VR3D is pleased to offer a growing list of innovative services including:

  • 3D visualisations

  • animation & walkthroughs

  • virtual panoramas and models

  • lighting, construction & energy simulations

  • BIM services for coordination & project delivery (refer to the link above for more information)

  • Design Coaching to assist in clarifying needs, generating solutions and ensuring a successful project.

Baida Jane Hercus
Managing Director

Browse our site at your leisure, then contact us to find out how we can help you turn your visions into reality.


Baida Jane Hercus
Managing Director
VR3-D Sdn Bhd

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