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Perspectives & Orthographics

Perspective Renderings are snapshot images, similar to a photograph taken by a camera.

Views can range from Internal, External, Sectional and Rendered Plan perspectives.


Simple perspectives can allow for rapid prototyping and comparative studies illustrating perfectly what 3D modelling is all about -- flexibility with speed and precision.

360 VR Panoramas

Immersive 360 degree Panoramas of your project allow users to explore your project.

Can also be posted on social media sites as part of marketing & promotional activities


- Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs are basically a movie simulating movement through space along a pre-defined path.  Animating your project is a very informative and exciting means of conveying important information to your existing or prospective clients, investors and/or tenants.


Walkthroughs provide a unique and easy-to-understand experience, simplifying concepts that are often difficult to visualise or explain.

Our 3D models have the benefit of being able to be captured from all angles. See what can be shown on a poolside stroll in less than a minute!


Walkthroughs and Fly-bys can check or illustrate the final coherence of a project whereby the coming together of all aspects from design to landscaping and materials selection can be brought to life with nifty camera angles, music and lighting effects.


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